Sunday, April 21, 2013

Her Crazy Has An Undercar Garage.....

The Girl has been a pistol today.  Her sassy mouth has me living in fear of her teenage years.  I am sure we'll survive.  One way or another.  I hope we are raising her to be a kind, caring, loving, productive member of society.  I hope we are not raising a future PDM.

You may ask yourself, who is this PDM you speak of Mrs. Sassy Pants?  Those who are friends with me on my personal Facebook page know EXACTLY who PDM is.  PDM is short for Play date Mommy, the Mommy of a little girl who was in The Girl's kindergarten class last year.  For those of you who are new here, allow me to share some of my experiences with this woman.  You may very well have your own PDM experience.  Maybe you can tell me what to do (or not do) about her. 

I seem to attract crazy wherever I go.  True story.  It's happened my whole life.  I attract them like bees to honey.  This woman is a different breed, I am convinced that she needs meds or she is just as clueless as they come.  Before you go & get all on my case about being snarky about this woman, please know that I am sharing true experiences, & I am constantly trying to justify her actions (a friend told me that I am over kind to PDM) so I can explain away the crazy.

PDM is a person who will call you at noon and say, "L would like to have a play date with the Girl, would that be okay?"  Just as you are about to say, "sure, when would be convenient for you?", she says, "great, I'll bring her by in an hour."  The first time she did this, I was flabbergasted; I had to pick my jaw up off of the ground.  Isn't the "rule" that if YOU initiate the play date, then YOU are the one to host it?  She brought her child over at 1:00pm & said she'd be back at 3:00pm.  This woman didn't show up until 5:30!!  This happened many times.  She called all. the. time.  Whenever the kids had a day off of school, she'd call.  She is a school teacher, & had to work many of those days, so rather than send her school age children to daycare with her infant, she'd call me & tell me that L wanted to come & play with my child. 

One day last summer she called & invited the kids & I to meet up with her & her children at the neighborhood swimming pool.  When I declined because of a prior commitment, she spazzed out on me.  I kid you not, she said, "well what am I going to do with my kids, I have errands to run!"  WHAT?!?!  She did not just say that to me, did she??  She used a pool play date as a means of getting us there to watch her children?  I asked her if she could take her children with her on her errands, I mean that's what a parent does, right?  She said no.  I said that perhaps she needed to enlist the help of someone in her support system, like a parent or sibling of hers or her husbands? She said nope. I said that she just may have to wait for her husband to get home from work to run her errands child free.  She shouted, "he can't babysit all three of them!"  First of all, it's not 'babysitting' if it's your own children, it's called pulling your weight & being a parent.  Secondly, if MY husband even tried saying something like that, he'd be in divorce court faster than he could get the sentence out of his mouth!

There are many other instances that my poor Facebook friends have had to read about.  Many are appalled at this woman's behavior.  Some try to get me to see that I don't live in her house, & I don't know her situation, so perhaps I could put up with a little bit of her craziness since our daughters like each other so much.


This afternoon the Girl had a play date with her friend, L-2.  She, L, & L-2 are three little peas in a pod.  We've never had L-2 here before, so the Girl was so excited to have her over.  When L-2's Mom came to pick her up, we stood in the driveway talking about getting the girls together again soon, when her phone rang.  L-2's Mom groaned & said, "I'll let it go to voicemail, that woman drives me nuts."  About 30 seconds later MY phone rang; caller ID said it was PDM!!  I said, "we'll see if she leaves me a voicemail."  I looked up at L-2's Mom & said, "sometimes you have to screen calls."  Well she started to carry on about about PDM!!  I heard about how PDM's husband called L-2's Mom a 'Stupid Fat Whore' for parking on the wrong side of their driveway when she had to bring their daughter home after a play date that lasted 6 hours (it was planned to be 2-3 hours long, & he refused to come & pick up his child).  L-2's Mommy told me several stories that mirrored my own experiences with PDM.  She asked me if the Girl had ever had play dates with "L".  I told her yes she had, & I try to limit them, as I don't like to be taken advantage of.  I told her that PDM had just left me a voicemail.  "ME TOO!! she screamed.  I told her that being up front doesn't work with some people, & that we have to weigh the pros & cons if & when we decide to let the kids get together.  I told her that some people just don't get it. 

I also reminded her that the kids have a four day weekend coming up at the end of this next week......


  1. Oh boy! LOL Maybe I shouldn't be laughing. It's just from an outsider it's funny; from an insider it's not.

    We've experienced some similar things from PDD. When we do have the kids play it's all their kids. Then PDD thinks Travis is his best friend. He's like, "I'll text you soon man." Travis is thinking, Whatever and Why? Then the mom thought that we like PDD. She thought we didn't like her. Just because our kids like each other doesn't mean we love your ex. Oh and we love when their girls come to our house way over Mica going to theirs. PDD doesn't watch his kids. When he does he acts like one himself.

    1. I feel for you on that one, Alissa. I would not want to be caught up in the drama of their divorce, not would I want PDD around; you are right, he seems flaky. However, I will say this, I'd love to plan a playdate with both of your boys this summer. Perhaps they could come over & I could take them to the zoo or something?? (I promise, I'd feed them lunch & snacke).

    2. Your kids could come over for the slip and slide. We have a perfect backyard for that. We tried doing that last year, but it didn't happen.