Friday, May 2, 2014

Cutting The Apron Strings.....

This morning was the Annual Science Fair at the elementary school.  the Boy & I ran a few errands after dropping the Girl off, as the student scientists needed time to start their day & set up.  He was already in a bit of a silly mood, rocking around & needing me to say things twice.  No biggie.  He knew we were going to Taco Bell & the Nebraska Humane Society after the Science Fair, so no worries.

As we walked into the gymnasium for the Science Fair, we found the Girl.  the Boy asked if he could walk around.  Certainly, who wants to hang out with their younger sister when you could visit with your own friends & former classmates?

the Girl asked me to helped her get started once the judges came over.  I watched her forget a step in the process of making her homemade bouncy balls.  I tried to whisper in her ear so she could fix her error.  She hissed at me that I needed to stop.  Trial #1 did not result in a bouncy ball.  She was so frustrated, as she's been making these things for over 2 weeks at home.  Again, I offered suggestions & asked her if there was anything I could do to help.  Heaven have mercy!!  That child of mine clenched her teeth & told me to slowly walk away from the table & leave her alone, because it was my fault that things weren't going well.

I followed her directions.  I didn't want to.  I know that we raise our children to be among other things, independent & productive members of society.  I just didn't want her to fail.  I know that I do need to let her fail & learn to fix her mistakes.  It's a hard thing to do, because I want her to know that I will always be there for her.  I fear the day she has her first heartbreak. 

I didn't have much time for a pity party, because it was then that one of the second grade teachers came up to me & told me that there was a 'situation' with the Boy.  Apparently he had slapped another boy.  This teacher had him standing with his face to a wall in a loud gymnasium.  As I went to speak to the Boy, he bolted, all while shouting how it's not fair &how no one at this stupid school ever listens to him.  As I followed him around the long table set up in the center of the gym, I saw the 2nd grade teacher speaking to one of the kindergarten teachers.  I watched the 2nd grade teacher's mouth drop to the floor.  She then went up to the child whom the Boy had slapped. 

All of a sudden, the slapped child was sent to say something to the Boy then went to stand facing a wall.  The amazing kindergarten teacher said something to the Boy, & he went nicely walking out the door of the gym. 

Both teachers came up to me....
"Mrs. Sassy Pants, an error has been made".  Apparently the child who had been slapped, told the Boy, "you are a stupid trouble maker... why are you here, nobody likes you... my brother said you are retarded... you are a bitch."  That's when my Boy slapped him.  They apologized for assuming that the Boy had done something unprovoked. 

Would this have been different if the Boy were still enrolled there?? Was someone finally seeing that my child isn't a trouble maker??  The kindergarten teacher explained that she sent the Boy on a "job" to go & get something for her, & was it okay with me??  She didn't want me to think that she was overstepping her boundaries, but she felt that this would help.

Hot damn, I always knew she was an amazing teacher!!  Next year she will be retiring.  I can only hope that Little Boy gets her for a teacher in the fall. 

I then waked back over to where the Girl was set up to see how she was doing.  She greeted me with, "why did you leave me; I need you to be here for me."

Ay yi yi...... she still likes me after all.....

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