Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Up For The Challenge (I Think)...

While I was browsing through Facebook this morning, I noticed an article that a friend of mine shared.  It was titled, "10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids".  The author, The Orange Rhino, wrote about how she made a promise to her 4 young sons to go 365 days without yelling.  The author learned many things about herself, such as 1)My kids are my most important audience, 2)I can't always control my kids' actions, but I can control my reaction, 3)Two words you should always remember are "at least" (as in even though xxx happened, at least yyy didn't happen), & 4)Yelling doesn't work. 

I got to thinking, if she can do it, why can't I??  Of course when I do something, I can't just do the simple (as if not yelling at your children for an entire year is an easy task), I have to be more specific.  I have to give it my all. And I need support of all those around me (or at least as many as possible). 

Here is my challenge that will begin one week from today. You may ask, why not start TODAY?  The answer lies in the fact that next Monday is April1st, the beginning of a new month.  This gives me one week to share with people whose support I need.  This gives me one week to begin to practicing my specifics (especially for #1-yes, there is more than one thing I will be doing). Besides, starting this on April Fools Day is just a fun little perk.  My challenge for myself will go for 9 months: April 1, 2013-December 31, 2013. 

* I will not use the word "no" with my children; I will find positive ways to say negative things to them.  Have no fear, they will still know when they are in trouble; I would just like to avoid the word "no" for 9 months.

*I will make it a point to have go on a date with my husband two times a month.  Whether it is an actual Date Night or meeting up for lunch, we need to make us a priority.  If this means putting things on a calendar & finding a sitter for the kids, then so be it.

*I will do something for me.  More specifically, I will begin working out again.  Since coming down with mono in early February, I have been under  doctor's orders to rest as much as possible, & this means NO WORKOUTS for me!  I have put on some weight that I am NOT proud of, & training for a half marathon in early May has been tossed out the window.  Early this morning, I went in for another blood draw, & fingers crossed, I can start working out again soon.  Even if I can't do full workouts, I know that I can get on the treadmill & walk (I mean how much exercising while I'm sitting at the computer each day?).

I will spend the remainder of this year doing something extra for my children, something extra for my marriage, & something extra for me.  You may already do these in your life & I applaud you.  These challenges are to hold me accountable for some of the bad habits that I've slipped into. 

I have a feeling that at the very least, this challenge is going to present some insights into myself.  Who can't stand to learn a few things about themselves?

If I learn nothing about myself, then I suppose I will have some new & interesting things to share with you in blog posts to come, won't I??

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  1. I find that whispering works just as well and yelling. With my kids having them repeat back what they heard works best. I've been known to yell. I'm much better than my mom. Maybe it gets better with each generation.