Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Say Sarcasm, We Say Sassiness...

Here in Sassy World, every family member has had the title of Sassy Pants at one time or another.  I'd say that the Girl is the Princess of Sass, because somewhere in her gene pool lurks the Queen of Sassy.  If you must know, as a child, I was NOT sassy.  Seriously.  No really, I was a crybaby Mama's Girl.  My very own Mom was a bit of a rebel, so we will say that it was passed down from HER side of the family.  If you want to talk about little nuggets of sarcasm, then I MIGHT claim the title.  Okay, the sarcasm is directed at my children via my Facebook and blog posts, but it's sarcasm just the same. MIGHT be directed at a lady whom we call Play date Mom (PDM for short), or for some other clueless person that Sassy Family may or may not need to educate.  Don't worry if you don't know who PDM is, I have plenty of reality tv real life experiences to share, but not today. 

Examples of sassiness in our house:
"Stop it right now or I'm sticking your head in the toilet!"
"Eww, he's trying to lick your butt!"

"Quit being stupid!"
"If you put your nose in my armpit again, I'm going to chop your head off!"
"I'd like you to have another baby; it should be a girl; and I'd like you to name her Lola."
"If you let me eat cookies for breakfast, I'll give you a quarter for the cart at Aldis."
"When you aren't here, Daddy let's us eat ice cream, candy, and Doritos."
"You just don't know what it's like to live in MY head!"
"When I grow up & live in my own house, I'm going to lock all the doors so that YOU can't get in Mom!"

And my favorite from the day the the Boy & the Girl discovered that their teenage brother had armpit hair:
"I am SO GLAD that I am a girl.  I don't think that I would like to grow hair THERE!"  (I just smiled & nodded my hair at her.  My husband & I didn't want to ruin the surprise for her).

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