Friday, March 28, 2014

When You Least Expect It....

Today was a day of very little schoolwork.  the Boy & I ran errands, but I did not press the issue with schoolwork.  You see, today was his last visit with his psychologist.  If you remember, she is moving to another state & will no longer be the Boy's therapist.  He has refused to talk about it & I have respected his wishes.  He has been off all week, & I think this change is being processed internally. 

He asked to go to Taco Bell for lunch.  He said he wanted to see Mr. Cody.  Mr. Cody is the young man who seems to always be working whenever we stop into Taco Bell.  He addresses the Boy by name, greeting him enthusiastically whenever we walk in the door.  He listens to the Boy share a Pokémon story or whatever my child is sharing that day.  He looks the Boy in the eye & asks him questions.  He shows respect for my child; my child feels the respect & kindness that this young man shows him.  I need to remember to let Mr. Cody's manager know what an asset he is to the restaurant.

As we were eating lunch, I asked the Boy if he was excited to see Dr. L, & he told me to hush.  He said he was listening to the noisy man sitting at the tall table behind him.  As I zoned in on the table of men dressed in their business casual, one in particular was very loud.  He had a voice that reeked of 'I am better than you & everything I say is more important than anything you have to say'.  We even heard him interrupt one of the other men & say, "sum it up quickly, your stories take too long to tell."  I wanted to get up & teach him some manners, but he was making me drowsy as he shared tips on copiers, printer, & toner sales. 

It was finally time to leave, & I was ever so happy.  the Boy did a great job of using his filter; he had told me that "that man is really annoying." 

As the Boy was putting on his coat, I saw him rocking around as he does, & he was getting closer to the man who takes too long to tell stories.  Just as I was about to stop him, he tapped the man on the back as he was putting his arm in his coat.  I was proud of him for using his manners & saying excuse me.  The man said, "no problem."

Then Mr. I'm Better Than You opened his mouth.....

"What's wrong with him?  Is he retarded or something?


Before I could pounce & strangle this man with my bare hands, the man who takes too long to tell stories said, "he is just fine, he didn't do any harm; you are rude & need to shut up." 

Then Cody (who saw the whole thing while he was waiting to say goodbye to us) said (in his calm & gentle voice), "my young friend Sam has more class in his little finger than you have in your whole body; & we do not use that word in this establishment."

Two classy men; I hope that is how the Boy is to others when he is a grown up...

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  1. It's a good thing that Cody stood up to him! I'd say that I can't believe people still use that word, but I to have heard it. Usually in the context of a task being retarded. I guess it's not as bad used that way. It still annoys me.