Monday, August 5, 2013

It's A Contest ~ It's Story Time ~ Wait A Minute, It's BOTH!!

It's time for another contest for the friends of Sassy Pants Lives Here.  I have had a couple of contests in the past, & posted them on my FaceBook page, but this contest requires a little bit more explanation, so we are going to discuss all the rules here on the blog page, then I will set up the FaceBook page so that we can conduct our contest.  Many bloggers use Rafflecopter for conducting their contests, but this involves input from readers & their friends (plus, I haven't learned how to utilize Rafflecopter yet, so we are going to do this the Sassy way, okay friends??

I am going to start a "story" in the link on Sassy Pants Lives Here FaceBook post.  Each time you add a comment, you help tell the story.  Next, you may want to share this with your friends, because the top 3 comments with the most "likes," will win a prize.

For example:
I may start with: Once upon a time, there was a little girl....
Mary Jo may comment with: who was really bad about brushing her teeth...
John may comment: so her Mother took her to the dentist, who wasn't a dentist at all...

This story will be your creation, but you need to get friends to "like" your comments.  You may comment more than once.  This story time will go until 8:00pm CST this Sunday, August 11, 2013.  If by chance, one person has 2 (or 3) comments that tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, only ONE prize will be given to that person.  At that point, we will go down the line for the next highest number of comments.  I will not be able to "like" any comments, as much as I will want to.  I want to be fair. 

Want to know what your prizes may be??  I know you're on pins & needles......
You may win your choice of one of these AMAZING SpiBelts.  I have a pink polka dot or peace sign design for you to choose from.  These are fantastic for when you are going to hit the trail for a run or for a trip to the park with the kids.  The waistband is adjustable & the pouch expands to hold your phone, car keys, identification, & a few dollars of money for when the ice cream man rolls around.

Already have a SpiBelt??  How about a pair of socks made by Smartwool??  These moisture wicking sport socks are 69% wool/29% nylon/2% elastane.  I have 3 pairs of these & absolutely LOVE THEM!!  Also included in this package is a $10.00 gift card to Starbucks.  (I'm not sure why it didn't make it into the picture, but it comes with this prize package).

Sports not your thing??  Are you into shopping??  We've got you covered!!  You may choose a $25.00 gift card to JC Penney OR a $25.00 gift card to the iTunes store. 

The contest will begin as soon as I post in the comments on the FaceBook page.  You may share, share, & share again.  Help write the story & get as many "likes" as you can.  PLEASE...  keep it clean.  I have some readers who may offend easily, are young, or are a combination of both.  Let's have fun & win some prizes.

Good Luck & Lot's Of Love,
Mrs. Sassy Pants

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