Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes....

"Just stop talking & go to sleep!!"  Those are the words that the Boy hollered yet again last night.  My three children share a bedroom, & when it's lights out, the Boy is ready for dreamland.  The Girl & Little Boy often times have to be reprimanded because they seem to think that 'lights out' means, "woo hoo, let's have a silly party!"  Last night they were at it again.  Or so I thought.  I went into the bedroom to do my lecture, & the Girl was asleep. 

What's up with that?? "Little Boy, you need to stop playing & go to sleep," I said.  "I is not playing Momma, I is talking to the silly man."  (Huh??)  "What do you mean?"  "Momma, I is talking to the man who helps me sleep; he said you was afraid of that raccoon at your Grandma's house when you were little."

Okay...what in the world?!?

The Boy hollered, "well you two keep me up ALL. THE. TIME!!  I just want to sleep!"  I asked him if he could see the man that Little Boy was talking to.  "Yes, now tell them to be quiet!!"

The Girl kept sleeping while all of this was going on.  "Little Boy"  I asked, "where is the man right now?"  "He is sitting on the dresser beside you, Momma."  "Do you know his name?"  "Yes."  "Can you tell me, please."  He told me the "giant man's" name, & I took a deep breath.  From what I gathered, he was having conversations with a friend of mine who passed away.  I didn't know (& am still not sure) what to make of this. 

I asked him about the raccoon at my Grandma's house.  When I was little, my aunt was a teenager & lived at home with my grandparents.  At one time, my aunt had a pet raccoon.  I was scared to death of it, & despised it after it left claw marks in the face of one of my dolls.  I'd forgotten about this until last night.  I asked Little Boy how his "giant" friend knew this.  He said that his friend talks to my Grandma.  Grandma Gladys passed away many years ago.

This morning, as I was looking through some photos on FB, I came across some pictures of my friends from high school.  The Boy came up behind me & said, "there's Little Boy's friend who talks & keeps me awake at night."  Little Boy came running up to look, & started giggling, "there is my friend--see you later giant man!" 

I'm really not certain what this is about, but I guess we'll just go with it.  Perhaps children in their innocence can see things we can't--I just don't know.

Please don't get angry with me or lecture me on religion, spirits, or the devil.  I am sharing an experience that I am still trying to wrap my brain around.  If this really is my friend visiting my children at night, I wish he'd read a bedtime story & lull Little Boy to sleep. 


  1. Do you ever listen to psychic Andy on 98.5? He has some interesting things to say about how intuitive kids are and how by adults telling them they don't see things they start to believe it and don't anymore. He has a Center for Intuitive advancement and sometimes I want to call just to see what he would tell me. It is hard to believe and hard not to believe when people say they see things.

  2. I will totally support you on this. I have odd stories of my own interaction with 'spirits' and visions and dreams. I think kids are in-tune! Daughter 2 tells me about my dad, who she met in heaven. He did 18 months before she was born. It freaks me out, but I'm a believer that worlds can collide (and that doesn't make any of us wrong).