Saturday, January 19, 2013

And We Shall Call Him Furby.....

I really wish that I could crawl inside of the Girl's head.  Just for a day.  Or an hour.  I really do.  I can only imagine the voices & what they tell her to say.  I can just picture the angel on one side & the little ornery devil on the other side, arguing about what should be said next.  She is so unlike me when I was young.  I held my feelings in & kept my mouth shut.  Then when I couldn't take any more, I'd lose it.  It was usually in the form of tears (yep, I've been known to be a what about it??), & I'm fairly certain it drove my parents nuts.  With the Girl it's a different story.  She just thinks a thought, then the words come spilling out of her mouth: sometimes it's something naughty, sometimes it's something funny, & usually it's something sassy.

This morning I was driving her & the Little Boy to a friends house.  The Husband & I had to be with friends, & it was best for our crew of loudness to not be there.  It was quiet in the car & I'm sure that's when the voices started.  Here's how it went down:

The Girl: Mom, why is Daddy so hairy?
Me: I don't know.  That's just the way he was born.
The Girl: Do you mean he had ALL that grey hair when he was a baby?!?!!
Me: No, it's genetic.  You are from a hairy family; that's just the way it is.
The Girl:  I think we should call him Hairy Beary.
Me: That doesn't sound very nice to me, I think we should just call him Daddy.
The Girl: Can I call him that when he's not around?
Me: No, you may call him Daddy.
The Girl: Are you still going to call him Honey?
Me: I wasn't planning on changing any time soon.
(silence for about 2 blocks)
Me: This had better be nice.
The Girl: Remember that Furby doll I asked you for at Christmas, but you said it cost too much for such an ugly toy?
Me: Yes
The Girl: And remember how I told you that it wasn't ugly; that I thought that it was beautiful?
Me: Yes
The Girl: Well...that's what I will call Daddy.  He can be my own Furby doll, except that he's a human.  And a Dad.
Me: Really?
The Girl: But it can be our secret.  I don't want to hurt his feelings.


  1. OMG to funny. I remember your crush on *furby* before you guys started dating.

  2. That's awesome! I'm so glad she doesn't want to hurt Daddy's feelings.

  3. A wonderful nickname! In a strange twisted way. I like it.

    My family was all about nicknames growing up though. I was Elsie and Liss. Isaak is Zeek, Zeeky and Zeeker. Mica is Moose. I call Travis, Travisa - ya he doesn't like it. My Dad gives everyone crazy nicknames. I had to take that over.