Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's A Hairy Situation

For some reason, the girl is obsessed with her Daddy's hair situation.  No, he is not bald; his hairline has receded a bit since I met him, but that's not what fascinates her.  It's quite the opposite, to be exact.  My husband is hairy.  Very hairy.  About two weeks ago, she was asking why he was so hairy & so grey.  She ended up giving him a private nickname.  She declared, "...he can be my own Furby doll, except that he's human.  And a Dad.  But it can be our secret,  I don't want to hurt his feelings".

Well she's at it again.  I must say this: I was NOT sassy as a child.  I was a crybaby.  This child of mine is something else.  If she came to your house to play, she'd be an angel.  She'd use her manners & speak in a soft tone of voice.  You'd want to invite her over to play over & over again.  She is is a tricky little things.  I am not lying.

When we got home from the Y tonight, she had to go potty.  Even though Daddy was in the shower, she swore that she couldn't make it to the basement bathroom.  Being the free spirit that she is, she went into the bathroom while Daddy was showering & took care of business.  When she came out or the bathroom, there was a lot of giggling between her & the boy.  I heard him say, "no, it is NOT a boy thing.  I will NEVER have hair THERE!".  Great.  I knew that very soon, someone would be hollering, "MOOMMMM!!".

Sure enough, they were arguing about having hair in a place that they'd never seen hair before.  Here's how it went down:

The Boy: She said that I'm going to get hair in my butt!!
The Girl: *giggle, giggle, giggle*
The Boy: Tell her to stop it!!
The Girl: But Daddy had hair there!
Me: How do you know Daddy has hair there??
The Girl: He was drying off, & was turned around, & kind of bent over, & I saw it.  It was really gross, Mom.
Me: How do you know that you don't have hair in your fanny?  You have hair in your nostrils, don't you?
The Girl: But you said THAT hair is to protect the inside of our nose.
The Boy: Well maybe the hair in Dad's butt is to protect the inside of it.
The Girl: *serious* That's what our butt cheeks are for, don't you know anything???"

We will not tell her about the other precious places that hair grows on our bodies.  Let's just let it be a big fat surprise.  Okay???

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