Friday, January 25, 2013

The Award For Parent Of The Year Goes To...

Not too long ago, The Boy had a doctor's appointment that was in the middle of the school day.  This was an appointment to the ENT, & I knew this visit would involve a hearing test, so it was best to find alternate care for The Little Boy.  Since The Little Boy is 3 years old, things don't always go according to plan & I was hyper sensitive to the fact that I did not want to be late for this visit.  I got The Little Boy dropped off at my friend's house & was on my way.  I was excited to know that I wouldn't be late.  I was quite pleased with myself when I was half way there & I was early, when I realized that I forgot to pick up The Boy from school.  Seriously, who forgets to pick up their child for said child's appointment?!?  Me, that's who. I turned around, picked up the boy from school, & made it to his appointment with 6 minutes to spare.

Another friend shared with me the fact that she had done the same thing about three or four months prior with her youngest daughter.  I was so happy to know that I was not the only Mommy in this elite little club.

Another friend told me the story of when she & her husband went to get Chinese take out one evening when their son was just an infant.  Her husband went inside to order the food while she waited in the car with the baby.  The sweet little bundle of baby was not happy.  He was screaming, & screeching, & crying.  My friend thought she'd move to the backseat to try & comfort her crying little man.  After she shut the front car door, she realized that the car door was LOCKED!!  Her husband was inside the restaurant & she had locked the baby in the car.  She couldn't get her husband's attention & was quite panicked.  She did have her cell phone & was able to call 911.  Poor thing, she was ready to smash the car window in, when the police convinced her that someone was on their way to unlock the car door.  She was certain that this child would be in therapy because of her.  This same friend has a sister with three children, & from what I understand, has been in the same boat.  Why do you ask?  Well apparently on her car there is a sticker with the name & phone number of the locksmith that will come & unlock your doors free of charge...IF YOUR CHILD IS LOCKED INSIDE!!  My friend's husband said, "yep, my sister in law has frequent flyer miles with XXX Locksmith Company".

I have another friend who I help out with when she & her husband have to work late.  I will take her 3 boys home from school where Grandma waits with them until Mom & Dad get home from work.  This friend has been very sick over the course of the past week & a half.  Two of her boys stayed home from school the other day, so I only had to take the oldest home after school.  Today as we were driving home (almost to their house, mind you), her oldest looks at me & says, "where is Quinn?" (Quinn is the youngest).  I looked at him & said, "isn't he at home with your Mom & Roman?".  "No Sheila, Roman is the only one who stayed home sick today". OH. MY. GOSH!!!!  (all I could think was, "this can't be happening...not with someone else's child!!").  I called Mom & asked, "how many of your children are with you at the moment?" (great way to set up a conversation with a parent, huh?)  She started laughing & aid, "Do you have Bobby with you?". Now I was really confused; wasn't she suppose to be cursing me out or something?  Apparently, she was at school pick up; at the far end of where we usually park.  Youngest child ran right by me--in my defense, he was wearing a different coat than usual.  I didn't see this little speed demon when he went running to Mom's car.  When The oldest came out, I just ushered him into my car & we were on our way.  It's funny. Five hours later. Not.  I'm still sick to my stomach. 

It's one thing to forget your own child.  Or lock your own child in the car.  But I have a hard time forgetting someone else's child. Oy.....

If anyone needs me, I'll be waiting for the Prize Patrol to deliver my Parent Of The Year Award......


  1. Lol! Oh, we have so many "funny" moments as a mom, right? Not so funny in the moment it happens! When Sawyer was about a month old I ran to the grocery store, went inside, grabbed what I needed, looked at magazines, etc, went back out to the car and as I went to leave heard a baby cry. Wth?? It actually freaked me out....but it was sawyer! I had completely forgot I had brought him with me. I was sure the police were going to follow me home!

  2. After Kailyn was born, I ran to the grocery store. Christopher stayed home. I went in grabbed milk, headed to the bread aisle, grabbed a few things and thought how nice it was to be at the store without any kids.....wait, I brought Kailyn....ran to the front threw my stuff on a checkout saying ill b back, raced to the car and there she was in the back not a care in the world.
    Take 2, I was dropping christopher off at preschool, i dont remember how old Kailyn was. I got out locked th car and went around to get kailyn out. Christopher had also gotten out of the back, but not waited for me to grab Kailyn shut the door. Yup you guessed it, she was locked in. Frantically called th roadside assistanc and they notify the locksmith that there is a child locked in a car and you get bumped to the top of their list, no wait. So, i have used that service, too.
    Sheila - we have all been there!

  3. Once when my daughter was little my now ex hubby was at home getting read for work. I told him I was off to pick up the sitter. On the way home from picking up the sitter - guess who I pass on his way to work? Yes, the hubby! I rolled up next to him, rolled down the window and asked - "Where ya goin?" He replied, "To work." Then I asked, "Who is watching the baby?" It was then, and only then, that he realized the baby was ALONE - because I was sitting in my car WITH THE BABY SITTER!