Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can Someone Find The Aardvark, Please??

All I said was, "rise & shine, it's a brand new day!".  I say this every morning.  It was not received very well by two of my three children.  I heard: "I'm not going to school ever again!", "Mornings are not fun!", "Leave me alone!", "If you make me get up, I'm going to turn this day into opposite day, & I'll show you!", & (my favorite) "I hate you; you NEVER let me sleep!".

While the Boy & the Girl were shouting these protests, the Little Boy was hollering, "Were is my aardvark!?!?", "I not wear underwear today; my winkie not want to be covered up", "I can please wear my jammies to preschool today, Momma?", "I want my aardvark!", "I will be a Skylander when I grow up", "Find my aardvark someone please!!".

My response??  "You are going to school until you are graduated from college & make enough money to take care of your Dad & I", "Mornings are fun, if you'd just smile", "I'll leave you alone if you'll just get dressed", "I know all about opposite day; you can't trick me", "I do let you sleep, it's just time to get up before I start counting".

And.... "Your winkie needs to be covered up, it's as cold as the North Pole today", "You may wear your jammies to preschool when it's 'wear your jammies to preschool day'", "You may be a Skylander after you go to college, okay?", "I didn't know you had an aardvark...let me know when you find him".

The Boy & the Girl got dressed, & I'm pretty sure they were plotting against me, as they were whispering & staring at me.  That's okay, they were dressed, even though the Girl was ticked off that I picked out her clothes (the result of not getting out of bed when asked to do so).  the Boy was ticked off that he had no pants in his drawer (the result of him not taking them out of the laundry basket & putting in his drawer ~ he had to meander to the laundry room & pick up his pants!).  The Little Boy, whose favorite phrase is, "I do it myself", suddenly didn't know how to take his jammies off; he kept lifting his shirt to show his belly, while uttering, "I can't not do it!" (I you want to explain what that means to a 3yo?).

I happily dropped everyone off at school & enjoyed some quiet for 2 hours, until it was time to get the Little Boy from preschool.  He kept his clothes on, his winkie stayed covered, & the aardvark talk is gone.  We are now obsessed with "that old groundhog". 

Oh my, I think a nap is order........

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