Sunday, January 13, 2013

Before I Became A Mom

Before I became a Mom, I had grand visions of how my life was going to be. How my children were going to behave. How I would handle any uncomfortable situations, should they arise (but I knew that they wouldn't because I KNEW how things were going to be).  Then I married my husband & four children.  Then I gave birth to The Boy.  Sixteen months later, The Girl came along.  After The Girl was born, I filled out all of the necessary paperwork so the doctor could make sure that I was spayed.  Sorry, but I think it sounds better than 'having my tubes tied'.  If it's good enough for our pets to be spayed, it it good enough for me.  And besides, 'having my tubes tied' didn't give the end result we had been hoping for.  Three years later, the Little Boy entered our lives as a result of 'having my tubes tied'.  Okay, having my tubes tied didn't get me pregnant (I am aware of how getting pregnant happens: too many margaritas, right?), but I was that 1% that my perinatologist had warned me about as he tied my tubes.  It was only a 1% chance. I was 39 years old when I had this procedure done; surely I wouldn't get pregnant again...right??  WRONG!!

Anyway, The Little Boy is a joy & I can't imagine a better youngest sibling for this family.  The Little Boy, The Girl, & The Boy have all caused me to say things that I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I'd hear come out of my mouth.  I've said each & every one of these things at least twice.

Allow me to share:

~~Yogurt is not fingerpaint.

~~Stop eating the lotion/Vic's Vapor Rub.

~~Why do you have purple whiskers on your face?

~~A true princess uses her words to solve her problems.

~~Stop licking the chair.

~~No, we cannot send the baby back to where he used to live before he came  
     to our family.

~~Band aids don't belong on your winkie.

~~What do you mean there's water all over the laundry room floor?!

~~I'm going to move in with you when you are a grown up; then you'll see
     how mean I really am.

~~When I was a little girl, I always did what my Mom told me to do.

~~You'll have fun whether you like it or not.

~~Peas do not go in our ears.

~~Oatmeal does NOT taste like glue!

~~Face each other, hold hands, & be quiet.  You will sit there until you love
     each other.

~~I don't care if you are dying, if you're not going to scrub the floor, get back
     in your chair & finish your dinner.

~~Because. I. Said. So. That's. Why.

There are more. Many more.  But I am tired (I'm always tired after the weekend winds down~~I rejoice in Mondays).  I encourage you to share with me. I'm sure you've said or done things that you swore you'd never do.  Even if you've never had children, I'll bet you've said something to your sister's children.  I bet you have had some adventures in babysitting. 

Please feel free to share....


  1. damn, you make that code tough to type.

    1. I haven't seen the code. Is it tiny?? Should I just remove it??

    2. it's just letters, then another picture with numbers. such hard work last night.

      i think you need the spam filter option to keep out spammers, and i don't think there's another choice.

  2. No you can't throw the baby off the balcony.... cops do believe kids lies. I shaved my head BC you shaved your legs. Mommy my captain is on fire BC I used your blue aloe. Parmesan cheese clogged the vaccuum. I splattered chocolate milk everywhere BC the "thly" flew past me and scared me..... oh Sheila I can relate


  3. The one I say the most is, "Lower your voice!" My kids have one octave and that is all the way up. Lately I have to remind Isaak to hit the toilet. When he first started training he aimed well. Now he's lazy, or curious. "Eat over your plate!" is commonly said here. With Mica was have to remind him to take small bites. If it were up to him, he'd eat a whole hotdog in one bite. Travis has mimicked Mica eating a few times. We all cracked up over that.