Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thomas 'Not My Brother' Edison

After the kids went to bed, I had a chance to sit down & go through their backpacks.  For me, this is amazing, as I am that Mom who often times does not do this little task until 45 seconds before we have to leave for school each morning.  By no means am I slacker, although at times this would appear to be the case.

It would seem that the Girl's first grade class is working on inventors.  She's been throwing little factoids around for the past couple of weeks.  "Did you know Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, Mom?", "Did you know that Benjamin Franklin electricity & vocal glasses?" (really?), "Mr. Edison invented the light bulb so we wouldn't have to read in the dark.".  You get the picture.  Never mind that she doesn't quite understand what bifocal glasses are, or that  the light bulb wasn't invented just so she can read whenever she wants.  Never mind that on her school papers, she has these men's names written down: 'Alex Graham Bell', 'Ben Franklin', & (my favorite-yes, it was written this way, if the camera didn't have a dead battery, I'd show you): 'Thomas Not My Brother Edison'.

The important thing is this: The Girl is paying attention in class. For this I am grateful. Very grateful.  As a child, I spent much time staring out classroom windows, daydreaming instead of listening.  Both The Girl & The Boy are doing a great job of listening in class.  Maybe too good of a job.

Last night at dinner, the both of them were chatting away about how they did not have school this coming Monday.  I was fairly certain that the three day weekend wasn't for another week.  The Boy jumped up from the table, grabbed his school calendar off of the refrigerator, shoved it in my face, & loudly said, "SEE I TOLD YOU MOM!!".  Without missing a beat, I told my offspring not to worry, because I'd be dropping them off at school anyway.

After school today, once The Girl was buckled up & ready to go, she announced, "Mom, my teacher said that we DO NOT have school on Monday, & if you take us we will stand outside in the cold all day long!".

It is my sincere hope that this lady realizes that a Mom has to have a sense of humor.  If not, I think Child Protective Services may very well come knocking on my door...

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