Monday, January 21, 2013

If The Little Boy Had Been Born First...

There are moments when I believe that had the Little Boy been born first, the Boy & the Girl would not be with us right now.  They wouldn't have been a twinkle in my husband's eye.  As a matter of fact, I think my husband would have had NO PROBLEM talking me into obtaining a sister wife. 

This child took us completely by surprise.  We were finished after the Girl was born.  Things don't always work out the way we plan them.  He was my clingy child; wouldn't even stay with my husband for the longest time.  It was a miracle my grey hair didn't appear sooner.  It's a miracle that I didn't turn into a raging alcoholic.  But I digress.  Kind of....

Little Boy can be quite sneaky.  Aside from when he is sleeping, it is the ONLY time that he is quiet.  When he is being quiet, there is trouble to follow.  This afternoon while he was napping, I was checking Facebook.  It was quiet & I was so relaxed.  It took a bit, but I started to smell it.  It kept getting stronger & stronger.  The smell of citrus & vinegar.  What in the world??!  It was then that I realized that the Little Boy was up from his nap & something was not quite right in this house.

The child found my spray bottle of homemade multi-purpose cleaner.  It was a new bottle that I had just prepared this morning.  He was spraying the front window & wiping it off with his froggie pillow pet.  When I asked him what he was doing, he smiled & said, "I helping clean the house, Momma. I done with the bathroom & now I clean the big window!".  He had used an entire 32 oz. bottle of cleaning solution & managed to create an even bigger mess than I thought possible.  If you've ever cleaned with vinegar, you know that the smell dissipates once it dries.  It wasn't drying, because it was soaked into 'Erbert' (his frog), the bathroom rug, the couch, & the carpeting. He helped me fix the mess.  I screamed like a crazy woman spoke to him about the dangers of touching cleaning supplies & how we need to ask for help if we want to clean the house. 

Before you scold me for leaving a cleaning product where a child can reach it, I will tell you this: the cabinet was locked.  With a childproof cabinet lock.  He mastered the lock the same way he mastered his 5 point harness on his old car seat.  Once my husband got home, new & improved locks went on the cleaning cabinet doors, & my husband went & got pizza for the kids & Chinese take out for us.

Tonight I'm putting a piece of masking tape down the middle of our bed & am instructing my husband that he is to stay on his side of the bed.  And I will be thankful that the Little Boy isn't a twin.

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  1. I bet that would be a gigantic mess! At least it wasn't chemical cleaner! That could have been bad for the little guy!