Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do You Know Better???

I really didn't think I'd have to address this again.  Maybe I don't NEED to, but I am going to.  Remember my Facebook 'friend' who felt the need to criticize me, my children, & my blog?  Well apparently, I've gone & ruffled someone else's feathers.  Again, it's someone from my personal Facebook page who reads the blog by linking through my page.  This person does not 'like' Fancy Pants Lives Here on Facebook.  Again, this person could not leave a comment for all of us to see, nor could she call me (yep, we've conversed on the phone many times) to discuss her issues with me.  Once again I say, "WHATEVER!" 

Here are comments left in her message:
* "You need to get a life, all you do is write about your children."

* "You are sharing way too much information about you son having Aspergers Syndrome; people don't need to hear this kind of thing.  It's not like he has a REAL condition."
* "Maybe you need to get a job where you are around grown ups, because listening to you carry on about kids is getting really old.  By the way, your kids seem like real brats."
* "If you were a better parent, your children wouldn't be so damn mouthy."

* "I think you need to have some sort of testing done, because there is clearly something wrong with YOU!"

You can be rest assured, I do not choose to surround myself with people who treat others like this.  My I am friends with people on Facebook whom I actually know, or have mutual friends with.  This type of behavior is the type of thing that bullies do, & in my book, it is unacceptable.

Let me address her concerns, in case anyone else may be having the same concerns.  We'll get it out in the open, then we'll be done with it, okay?  If you don't like any of my responses or you just want to be a bully & attack what I write, then please excuse yourself from my personal Facebook page, Sassy Pants Lives Here facebook page, & from the blog.  If you don't remove yourself, I will do it for you.  Now that that is out of the way, here we go:

* I do have a life, thank you very much. It may not be what YOU would have chosen for yourself, but I am not you.  I am happy, & I don't need you to be concerned about who or what I choose to write about.

* Of course I'm sharing A LOT of information about my son.  This is  MY blog, and as such, I am going to share as much or as little as I choose to do.  Aspergers is a REAL condition that can be treated.  I am going to share information.  I am going to share ups & downs.  I am going to do this because I may help someone else in their journey with a loved one, or in their journey with my son.  If you don't like it, that's okay, but don't you EVER tell me that what this sweet 8yo boy is going through isn't "real".  Come to my house or to his school when he is having a meltdown; I'll show you what "real" isn't.

*  I do have a part-time job.  I work with children and adults.  I work with people who I am proud to call my friends.  I am around kids all day-I'm a Mom.  Of course I'm going to talk about kids.  I love kids, & all kids are welcome in our home.  We are kid friendly.  Brats??  Sure, my kids can act like brats occasionally; can't they all.  Grow up & look at how you are parenting your kids; are really as perfect as you think you are??

* I absolutely LOVE the fact that my children are not afraid to say what's on their mind.  I was reserved as a child.  My Mom said that there were times that talking to me was a struggle.   She felt like she had to literally pull the words out of my mouth.  My kids are mouthy, but not always disrespectful.  We work on having a filter with our words.  But I do want them to be able to express their feelings; it's so much easier to deal with a child who is verbal: they can tell you when they are happy, angry, or sad.  It is easier to deal with the problem when you know where they stand.  I will not apologize for their mouths, because they are happy children.  They bring joy to so many people's lives-even if you don't like it.


* I'm sure there is something wrong with me.  So what about it?  I'm not harming anyone.  I'm not harming myself.  I am aware of my faults, & deal with them.  I don't think it's YOUR place to tell me that I need to have some sort of 'testing' done.  Testing for what?  If I'm annoying you, the cure is easy: go away!  I have a fantastic family.  I have wonderful friends.  I have access to medical & psychological help when I need it.  One of my loved ones will let me know if they fear for my safety & my health.  Rest assured, YOUR input is not needed.


I do realize that by having a blog that I am open to opinions of others, & I'm fine with that.  Seriously, it's all good.  Tell me your problem.  Have some evidence to support your claims.  If I'm so annoying, please don't read what I write.  I don't feel the need to have a huge following; I just write what I write for me & anyone else who is interested in reading it. Period.

I would like this to be the last time I have to write something like this.  Especially about someone who is here because of being friends on my personal page.  Have questions?  Just ask!!


  1. excuse me but WHAT A BITCH! I really meant what a c**t!

  2. Who is this nasty hateful bitch? Why do you even let her access your blog? Sounds to me like she needs some psych help herself, but doesn't recognize it. She must be one of those: I need to run the other person down so I can feel good about me people. Do I understand that she actually has children? That is really scary.

  3. Aspergers is a REAL condition. Educate yourself reader!

    I blog and fb mainly about my kids as well. I figure if I rant and rave about work, students, my husband I may get fired and/or divorced. Trust me there is plenty to go on about working with 19 year olds.