Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Call Him Bruiser

As my favorite redhead Reba would say, "Oh crap!".  I am ready to break open a box of Thins Mints right about now, but I'm too tired too walk my fanny upstairs to the room they are locked in.

Last night the Girl had a sleepover at Bella's house and the Boy had a sleepover at EJ's house.  Little boy got to have his bestie CJ, spend the night here at our house.  Today the kiddos were invited to a birthday party at a local bowling alley.  All children would be returned to their rightful owners parents, & all would be fine & dandy. We were in the parking lot of the bowling alley, ready to meet up with friends, and Little Boy was so excited to go bowling with his siblings & his friends.  He even told me, "I help you bowl, Momma; I make sure you not break your pretty fingernails."  Isn't he the most thoughtful child you have ever met?  I was walking about three feet ahead of him, & I said, "come on sweetie, let's go." 

That's when it happened.....Little Boy tripped & fell face first onto the concrete.  I picked him up & saw all that blood coming from his mouth.  "Oh dear Lord, please let his teeth be okay" was all I could think to myself.  We got inside, & my wonderful friends swooped into action: one took the Girl to get shoes, one took the Boy to get shoes, another got an icepack for Little Boy, & I was able to call the dentists office.

Went needed to get across town so the dentist could take a picture, so once again, my friends took over & made sure my older kids were fine.  Yes, I am capable of taking all three of my children someplace at once, but it sure is nice that I am surrounded by people who know that during times like this, it's best to keep the injured one alone & calm.  One friend even offered up the services of her teenage son to help calm down Little Boy while riding in the car half way across town to our dentist office.  (If you are reading this Catherine, your Solaris was amazing with my little guy; if he wants to take a Red Cross babysitting course, he's got a gig at my house any time). 

Little Boy was so upset, & looked like he'd been put through the wringer by the time we reached the dentists office.  His lip was not fat, it was OBESE!!!  When we got to the exam room, he would not let me do anything but hold him.  I asked if I could touch his teeth; I knew one was loose, but wanted to see if anymore got knocked around.  He hollered at me, "You not touch my mouth Momma; my Dr. Darin do it--not you!"  I'm glad that my children trust their dentist, but gee wiz.

Only one tooth was impacted by the little guys fall.  It is fractured in three places & has to come out.  BOO!!  I am thankful that it is a baby tooth, & not a permanent tooth.  I'm not thrilled that we have to go & see a children's oral surgeon tomorrow, but we need to get this done soon.  Little Boy has a nerve that is exposed & we have to keep him on antibiotics & Tylenol.  If he's a drug addict someday, we'll blame it on the fall.  (Oh c'mon, I'm joking).

His dinner was very soft: yogurt, baby peaches ("Momma, this is NOT big kid food, I see a baby on that jar"), macaroni & cheese, & a banana.  I forgot to tell him to eat the banana with his side teeth.  He bit down on it & all hell broke loose.  I feel so bad for him.  Bath time was lovely too ("Don't touch my mouth, Momma; owies do NOT feel good, Momma; make it go away!"). 

They were all bathed & ready to be tucked into bed.  I was about to get a chance to take off my shirt that was filled with blood.


The batteries ran out in the Girl's Dream light.  She left her purple blanket at her friend's house--her FAVORITE purple blanket.  And, the Boy gave her a dirty look.  She was melting fast....
The Dream light that belongs to the Boy got left at his friends house.  He insisted that his ankle was going to fall off because it hurt (I think he stepped on it wrong earlier today; it wasn't swollen).  His blankets on his bed were askew (I used to think he was a bit OCD about things such as this...he is...kind of; it's part of the Aspergers).  The wrong pillowcase was on his pillow.  Again, it' a tactile thing, having to do with Aspergers.  He was melting fast as well. 
I got them tucked in & was ready to relax when the crying started.  Little Boy can't get comfy.

Little Boy is currently in the big bed with Daddy, but I hear him fussing.  He may have to sleep upright on his Momma tonight.  Sometimes, we just need the maternal touch to make things right.

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  1. I'm just putting this out there. The doctor said it was great to use a product to put on Mica when he had his big concrete fall. It's a product that helps reduce scaring. You may or like me hadn't heard of it. It's called Mederma. It really helped with Mica. There is a kid one and an adult one. The only difference though, is that the kid one is purple. It turns clear sort of. I used both on Mica. I actually liked the adult one because I didn't like seeing purple on my kid's face. Seriously the ingredients are the same, except for dye. You can get it at Walgreens or CVS. Maybe even other places.

    Mica only has a scar between his nose and lip. It's very light. I have no clue what that will do to facial hair when he gets older. That was the last to heal and he looked like Hitler during one whole season. :(