Tuesday, February 19, 2013

He Just Wants A Popsicle...

We went to the oral surgeon this afternoon.  Little Boy has to have the "naughty" tooth extracted tomorrow.  The doctor asked if I'd like him to be asleep during the process.  Hmmm, let's see: he's three years old.  He cries at the pediatrician's office when he sees the needle for his immunizations.  He wants to be able to eat a banana without the pain causing him to hit the ceiling.  Yes.  Yes you may knock him out.  With a club, if you must.  Get that tooth out, because all he wants is for the Tooth Fairy to put some money under his pillow. just like she did for his big brother.

The Boy & the Girl are at a sleepover at a friends house .  She will take them to school in the morning.  They think a school night sleepover is the coolest thing. Ever.  They don't know that it's much different than a sleepover on the weekend.  Oh well, they'll live. 

Little Boy had his soft noodles & his yogurt for dinner.  The "owie" tooth is already starting to break apart (he saw this in the mirror & panicked a bit).  His bath is taken & he's wearing his new "hospital" jammies (yes, we bought him jammies to wear to the hospital in the morning).  He is so excited for the Tooth Fairy to come.  He hasn't a clue as to what is really going on, & that's quite alright with me.  He's three years old. He wants the Tooth Fairy.  And popsicles.  He wants popsicles too.

Little Boy:  Please you is going to buy me some popsicles today, Momma?
Me: Yes sir, I think I can handle that.
Little Boy: NOOO....you eats it wif your MOUF, not your HANDS, Momma!

                                                    He definitely needs a popsicle, right?


  1. You just need everyone well at your house. Poor little guy!

  2. I've decided it's the 'Curse of February'. Once March gets here, all will be well...I hope. Missed you guys tonight. Hope to see you on thursday!!