Friday, February 8, 2013

She Only Eats Food That Is Delicious

We've had a week of crazy this weekat our house.  Monday, the Girl, the Little Boy, & I were under the weather.  Tuesday, I had to pick up the Boy from school for outbursts that coul not be controlled (he was so frutrated & was having a hard time focusing/listening), only to turn around and pick up the Girl a little over an hour later.  Wednesday, while still running a fever, we waited over 4 hours for the washing machine repair guy; only to find out that he needs to order a part & will be back NEXT Wednesday to fix it.  Gotta love heaping piles of laundry that can't be done (right about now, I bet the Husband is happy that I have a 'thing' for owning extra under garments & socks).  I finally went to the doctor on Thursday; I was certain that I had an ear infection & needed some antibiotics.  I wish it was an ear infection.  I have Mono.  Great.  Today, the Little Boy has been running a fever and has a runny nose & a cough. 

It's really not THAT bad.  I remind myself that it could always be worse.  Really, it could ~ we are blessed.  I know that things are somewhat normal when I have to send someone to the corner, take away privileges, or sound like a raving lunatic raise my voice louder than I would like.

I was trying to be upbeat & chipper when we got home from picking up the Boy & the Girl from school this afternoon, despite the fact that the Little Boy was sobbing that he wanted to stay in the minivan so he could "go somewhere".  The Big Boy wasn't walking fast enough for the the Girl.  Rather than patiently wait for him to walk in the house first, or even ask him to move aside so she could go in the house first, she smacked him with her backpack.  When he turned around to smack her back tell her to knock it off, she kicked him in his private parts.

So much for being upbeat & chipper.  I had a feeling that this weekend was going to be 2 days longer than I would like.

She knew that  her younger brother was not feeling well, so took the opportunity to tell him that he can't live at our house anymore.  She told him that "we don't need anybabies here anymore; you need to go back to where you used to live before you lived here. Do you know where that is?  You lived in Mom's belly, & you need to get back in there!". WHAT?!?!??  The Little Boy was in tears, "I not go anywhere, I live here, I not a baby, I is a big boy, and YOu is a mean girl!". 

Nose to the corner.  AGAIN.  It wasn't a feeling anymore. I KNEW this weekend was going to be 2 days longer than I would like.

Often times I am the Mom who forgets to look in the kid's backpacks until 10 minutes before it's time to leave for shcool.  I was on top of it today; I was going to check backpacks before the weekend even started. WOOT! WOOT!  As I was reading the letter from her teacher, I assumed it was a response to the note I had sent this morning informing her of how the Girl will be late on Monday so she can go to the eye doctor.  It was not.  It was a note of concern.  Yep, the Girl informed her teacher that her parents do not feed her dinner at night.  Nice.  Not.  The Girl is a petite little thing, & told her Grandma that she only likes to eat food that is "delicious" (re: strawberries, chocolate, peaches, cinnamon toast, & peanut butter & jelly sandwiches).  Her teacher was concerned.  Concerned?!?!  Have you seen the rest of the family?  We are not malnourished!  I got on the phone to the school.  Thank goodness that lady was still there.  She said that she thought it was a "tall tale", but was concerned because the Girl is, "always so kind, helpful, obedient, & helpful".  She forgot to add liar to the list.  She doesn't know the girl who has the sassiest mouth in the world.  She doesn't know the girl who was on her second stint in the corner, while we'd only been home for 15 minutes.  "Obedient", my big toe.  The Girl sat facing the wall while reading tonight.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Husband is on call this weekend?
This weekend is going to be 2 days longer than I would like....

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