Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember Yesterday???

Remember yesterday??  Remember how I forgot my coffee gift card?  Remember how I met an overprotective Dad at Little Boy's PreK testing??  Remember how I forgot the Boy's allergy meds & had to take them to him at school??  Remember how Little Boy jumped into the pool all by himself during swim lessons??  Remember how I won a refurbished computer at the Meeting I attended last night??

Did I forget anything??  Of course I did.  Remember the note??  You know, the note that she wrote that said, "My Mom Sucks". You remember now, don't you?

I was going to talk to the Girl about this note tomorrow.  I chose tomorrow because Wednesday is our "nothing" day.  No swim lessons, no Daisy meetings, no Family Fitness class, nothing extra.  Now realize, I think this little note was funny, but I wasn't going to tell her that.  I wanted to talk about how in this family, we do not call other people names.  I abhor name calling.  I want her to be able to express her feelings without shame, but name calling is unacceptable.  We were going to talk about how she may want to use her journal (both of my older children have spiral notebooks that they may draw in, write in, Or do whatever they want to in, without worrying about Mom or Dad (or anyone else) peeking.  We were going to do this when we had nothing else going on, so that we could discuss this matter without having to be in a rush to get anywhere.

Well guess what?!?!?!  "Tomorrow" happened tonight as they were already an hour late getting into bed.....

As usual, the Boy & the Girl were arguing.  All I could hear was, "give it back!", "it's mine!", "knock it off!", "she gave it to me", "nooo, YOURS is red, mine is blue, now give it back!".  Normally, I would let them try to problem solve this issue, & just let it go, however, it was already past their normal bedtime, & they just needed to GO. TO. SLEEP.

They were fighting over the mitten notepad.  The one that had "My Mom Sucks" written on the first page.

I grabbed the notepad & opened it up to the page directed at me.  I held open the page in question & (while looking at the Girl) said, "would anyone like to tell me about this?"  The Girl had a (truly) confused look on her face.  The Boy jumped up, grabbed the notepad out of my hand & said, "give it back, it's mine; she needs to leave my things alone!"  I asked the Boy, "did you write this?"  In one breath he hollered, "Of course I did, Mom.  Remember when you took my DS away from me the last time I went to visit Dr. L, well I was very very mad at you, because you always let me play my DS in her waiting room, and you took it away, and when you gave me the notepad to write on, I had to write down my feelings because my journal was at home; where was I suppose to write down my feelings at!!??!?"

I guess he told me.  Who carries their journal with them wherever they go?  He did the right thing.  He had a valid point.  Shoot, this changed the dynamic of the conversation I was going to have with the Girl tomorrow night.

It's amazing.  It's absolutely amazing the things that these little beings teach me on a regular basis.  I love them so much.

I still can't stand name calling, but you know what?  That's a story for another day.  Right now I'm going to think up something to do after school tomorrow.  Or maybe we'll do nothing.  Tomorrow is our nothing day, after all....

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