Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones

The whole idea of this blog is to share funny little tidbits of my life, not to bitch or bring anyone down with negativity.  Well guess what?  My life isn't always funny.  We are human, & as humans, we are not perfect.  We have many emotions, & I've always found that journaling is a great way to deal with my emotions.  The only difference between journaling of yesteryear & journaling nowadays, is that more people get to see & hear my thoughts.  Granted, my number of "likes" isn't huge (I think it's a mere 60 something, and most of you already know me ~~ there are only 2 of you whom I do not know personally), & that's okay; I am not a professional blogger.  I am a Mom who shares info about her sassy children (& yes there is some sarcastic fun thrown in).

There are a few things that I absolutely despise: 1)name calling, 2)judgemental people, 3)those who harm children, & 4)those who take advantage of others.

Monday I shared some raw emotion with you; it was painful, but I chose to share information about me that only a few people knew about.  I shared a Mother's love for her son.  Yesterday, I shared the results of the psychological testing that we had had done.  I was not asking you to define my child in a negative way; he is still the same child he was before.  I was sharing the fact that I will make sure that he can get the necessary help in controlling his emotions.  And yes, I was looking for some support from friends.  Even though he is still the same, and I am relieved to have some answers, I did not have to answer to every one's individual questions of "how things went" at his doctor's appointment.  The beauty of social media is this: I can share as much or as little with as many or as few people as I choose.  I am the Mom in this family, & I am not perfect.  I have & will make mistakes; they are MINE to make, nobody else's.

One of my Facebook 'friends' who follows this blog through my personal page (not the Sassy Pants Lives Here Facebook page), chose to do #1 and #2.  (stop thinking potty training, & refer to my list in above paragraph #2).

I was sent a message that basically stated, "people don't want to hear about what is wrong with your child; I've met him & already know that he is weird.  You are a strange woman as well.  You need to stop trying to force people to like you.  Your blog is full of "my kid is better than your kid sh^t, & you need to stop writing it.  You are an amateur, & don't know how to write".

                                   OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!!

She 1)couldn't post this in any of my comments or 2)call me (yes, she is someone whom I know in "real life).

Let's get a few things straight:
1)Go back to my first post (oh heck, take a look at any of my daily Facebook posts): I made it clear that I LOVE punctuation (especially exclamation points & periods).  I use spell check, but sometimes things get missed.  Often times, I do my posting at the end of the day, when everyone else is in bed, & I don't see errors until after I've hit the 'publish' button.  GET OVER IT OR JUST STOP READING ANYTHING I WRITE ~~ PLAIN & SIMPLE!!

2)The ONLY person allowed to call anyone in my family weird, is ME.  I say it out of love.  I say it jokingly.  Again, I am the Mom here.  I'M GUESSING THERE ARE PLENTY OF PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU ARE WEIRD TOO.

3)I suppose I am a strange woman, but I don't need anyone pointing out my flaws; I can do that quite nicely on my own, thank you very much.  STRANGE OR NOT, I LOVE MY CHILDREN!!

4)I don't try & force people to like me.  Sometimes people are in the same room with me, & are forced to listen to me.  Oh well, I'm a talker, I know it & I own it.  TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME, I SERIOUSLY DON'T CARE IF SOMEONE IS MY FRIEND OR NOT.

5)I have never, ever, for one single minute thought that my children are better than anyone else's children.  I can be strict & full of rules, but I also can't let them run the house: they are children, I am the Mom.  AGAIN: GET OVER IT, OR STOP READING ANYTHING I WRITE.

Don't worry, I can take criticism.  I'm not weak by any means.  By please...if you have a question, ASK ME!!  I don't like passive/aggressive crap.  If you can understand that things in my brain have been a bit muddled this week.  I am someone who gets emotional & leans on loved ones, THEN I am able to think with logic.  It's who I am, take me or leave me.

I saw this t-shirt design & it seemed appropriate for my critic. Stick & stones may break my bones... 


  1. I'm sorry I use the word weird because I work at an art school. I tell my students we're all weird, including me. With that NO one is singled out. I hate singling people out!

    I dislike when people critique and can't back up themselves. If they are going to critique you, then back up why they feel that way, or like you said, "Don't read it!"

    Blogging is an online journal. It's supposed to be as truthful/raw as you want it to be.

    1. I agree, Alissa. We usually use the term weird as a fun, joking, & silly thing in our house, but this woman was not being silly. I appreciate your support, insight, & know that you would not attack (which is what I feel she did ~~ she bullied & ran ~~ wouldn't respond to a phone call or email. WHATEVER). When I'm done being pissy with her, I'm going to feel sorry for her stupidity...

  2. I would very much like to kick her ass for you.

    1. I do agree with this and will too show up at her house with a posse if the need arises.

    2. HA!! You ladies rock!! she's someone I've known for quite awhile, & if you must know HER KIDS are absolutely PERFECT (just ask her). I am bad because I don't homeschool them, I don't give to her overseas organization (I give close to home), & she likes to pick on those who think differently than her. She is High & Mighty, & will preach the gospel, but is a big hypocrite. I am done with her. Like I aid, when I'm done being angry with her (which won't be too much longer, as she's a sad sad person), I will take pity on her; but I will be done.

  3. You go girl!! I am always amazed by some peoples ignorance!! I just don't understand the 'haters'...for crying out loud! I remember my mom always saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" (of course this was aimed at one of us 4 girls that were fighting and yelling not so very nice things to each other). I used to get so tired of hearing it, she was like a broken record (that tells you how much fighting we did) but NOW I know how golden those words are! To bad not all people had this drilled into their heads when growing! Seriously Sheila I LOVE reading your posts. I only wish I could write as well as you. You bring a smile to my days and help me know that we are all real family's with real people in them with real problems but no matter what we still have each other and how boring it would be with out our 'little ones' in it.

    1. aww MA, you made me tear up. Thank you so much!! The support of friends means so much to me. I am done with this chick (as I stated in my reply to Caerhl & Carissa). I don't think she knows how to count her blessings. Some people like to make themselves "better" by bringing others down. I choose to surround myself (in person & in the virtual world) with amazing & fantastic people!! :)