Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Love You, Now Go Back To School!!

We are very excited around here.  The kids go back to school tomorrow.  Due to a snowstorm, they ended getting a four day weekend (after having a three day weekend the week prior).  Before anyone gets all high & mighty, let me say this: just because I am excited for my gets to go back to school, does NOT mean that I do not love them any less than you love your children (yes, there are people who think that those of us who want our regular routine back, are awful for saying that we want our kiddos to go back to school tomorrow). 

Little Boy had to go to the hospital to have a tooth knocked out pulled; he took a tumble & fractured a tooth in three places.  Lucky duck, he got the good meds & a little bit of sleep.

We were able to spend time bonding with each other.  When I was awake.  I was diagnosed with mono a few weeks ago, & have been slowly trying to get back to normal.  Well, as normal as can be for me.  I am thankful that my husband was able to be here over most of the long weekend to be oblivious to the children sneaking junk food help out so that I could get some sleep. 

Saturday started out on shaky ground, though.  The Boy wanted "eggs like Dad makes" for breakfast.  This means over easy, so that he can dip his toast into the center.  I can't make eggs like this to save my life.  The Boy was so angry with me, that we had the beginnings of a meltdown starting.  Before you start to think, "what a bratty kid", remember his brain is wired differently than yours & mine.  He is very concrete, & thinking in the abstract can totally throw him off kilter.  He likes what he is familiar with, & when handed with something different, it throws him into a tailspin.  The "old me" (ie; the me before knowing anything about his Aspergers syndrome), would've thought the same thing, but we are learning how to deal with things & how to try to divert a meltdown.  I decided to let him try to make his own eggs to see if it would be easier for him than it is for me.  He did not succeed in making over easy eggs, but he got the hands on lesson that many Aspie's need to learn.  Crisis averted.

During this lesson, the Girl was suppose to be in the bathroom cleaning up & brushing her teeth, but was being quiet.  She is never quiet in the bathroom when she is doing what she is suppose to be doing.  I knocked on the door & asked her if she needed anything.  She replied, "no Mommy, I'm almost done!"  A few minutes later, she went flying down the hall & down the stairs while hollering something about a tea party with her babies.  I went into the bathroom and almost fainted.  There was pink Disney Princes toothpaste EVERYWHERE!!!!  Not a little bit on & in the sink, but EVERYWHERE!!!  On the sink, on the floor, on the mirror, on the toilet seat, on the shower curtain, & on the roll of toilet paper!!  I lost my cool hollered for her to come upstairs. When confronted, she said that it was "an accident", & "really didn't know how it could've happened so fast."  Had I been the awesome person that I am, I would have taken a picture of the mess, but alas, I was fit to be tied.

When my husband returned home from the call he had been on, I told him we are never having sex again. EVER told him that I thought it would be best if I went to the nail salon so that I would be able to regroup while being waited on.

Today was awesome.  The Girl was sassy about brushing her hair; and she learned what 'lickerty split' and 'doing a song and dance' means.  Little Boy learned thatnap time is NOT the time to knock over the Lego table.  And the Boy learned that helping out with new chores WITHOUT complaining is a fantastic way to earn a few bucks.  AND...I got a 2 hour nap in. 

If you want dull, boring, & quiet, please do NOT come to our house.  And if chaos is against your religion, our house is not the place for you.  If you want noise, a little dirt, drama, & a lot of love, please knock on our door anytime, any day of the week!
                                                           Here we are...Take us or leave us

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