Sunday, February 3, 2013

They Want To Sell Me THAT??

It was really a super day.  No, I'm not talking about the Super Bowl that's in progress right now, or the half time show that seems to be dividing a nation (at least it is on my personal Face Book page).

The Boy earned a pull from his grab bag.  The little slip of paper read, "alone time with Dad".  I heard the Husband ask my oldest what he;d like to do.  It was a big fat secret, that I couldn't know anything about.  Okay fine, do your thing, but get home in time for me to get my mani/pedi at 1:00, okay boys?  My gal pal Jami is meeting me at the nail salon & I need a fresh coat of paint & primer on these fingertips of mine.

By the way,here's what the Boy requested for his adventure with Daddy:  he wanted to go to Target to pick up the tin of Pokemon cards that he'd earned a week ago, then to mosey on over to the card aisle to listen to the newest 'singing' greeting cards.  My kids love those funny, silly, noise making greeting cards.  I think the darn things are not very practical & overpriced, but they love them.  They got home & I was on my out the door to see my friend Jami & my nail guru, Tina.

After we got settled in, & had our feet soaking away, Tina turned on the TV for our enjoyment.  There was the tail end of a commercial for some company that will do restorative work to your carpeting, just call 1-800-CLEAN-ME.  After listening to how your carpet traps horrible things from the outdoors & just traps them, Jami looked at me & said, "is this an infomercial channel?".  Is there such a thing?
                                 Why yes.  Yes there is such a thing!!

Next on the old boob tube was an hour of prostates.  Okay, it was an infomercial for an all natural product to help your failing prostrate.  We learned all about the prostate and why it makes men have issues with sleeping, peeing, & performing (hey now....their words, not mine). 

Then it was Cindy Crawford's turn to tell us just what it is that she does to stay so young looking.  Of course she is making a few bucks on this miracle melon a firm believer who uses this product everyday of her life, so we MUST purchase without delay!

At this point, my friend Jami made her escape had to leave, as she was done with her pedicure.  I on the other hand, was on the edge of my seat was ready for my manicure. 

After selecting my cute hot pink color for my mani, I was ready to hear all about how I needed to purchase the New & Improved Shark Steam Mop with a dual head pads and pillows to pick up the toughest & stickiest of spills.  Now this is a product that, if I purchased, would either fall apart 3 hours after the warranty expired, or have More New & Improved features after I got mine home.  This is a product that I would have to be very careful about asking for.  I a husband who can tunes out a crying baby at 3:00am, but would hear me say, "maybe we need a new steam mop", then purchase it for my birthday!! 

My mani/pedi time was coming to an end.  Tina was doing the finishing touches on my nail design as I was THIS CLOSE to purchasing the stupid mop, if it meant the TV would get turned off.  I will be back in 3 weeks to get my nails done again, even if Tina's choice of TV station isn't my favorite.  This is my time.  It is quiet & I get pampered.  I get what I want, when I want it, without any backtalk.  I can get colorful & creative with my nails, or I can get boring practical nails.  It's fun & when I get unique designs, my nails are great conversation starters.
Here are some of the things I've done to my body during time away from my offspring.  Wouldn't you want to have a conversations with me??

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